A demo of Linuxconf

Here is a demo of linuxconf. This is really linuxconf which is running using its html interface. This demo runs in a restricted environement which is recreated once in a while. You are allowed to do any change you want to this environement to see what you can do with linuxconf. Check out the help screens to learn more about Linuxconf.

To do any change, you need the root password. On this demo, this is simply "linux" (without the quote). Feel free to create user accounts and give them privileges. Then quit from your browser and get back and see how you can administer a limited aspect of the server.

So the user name to get in is: root
and the password is linux

All access are logged...

Warning: This demo is running is a restricted chroot'ed environement. Because of the restriction imposed both by security and the fact that this environement is rather incomplete, some functionnality may not work. Please signal me the problem you may see. Send me messages at this address. I will try to make the demo more complete.

Click here to start

To connect using the web interface to a linuxconf box (not a demo), you connect to port 98, using a url like this one:


By default, this service is disabled. To enable it, visit the networking menu in linuxconf, at the end, select the entry "linuxconf network access". Read the help there :-)