Missing help screens

This document describes the various help screens which are missing in linuxconf. As of linuxconf 1.11r18, 141 help screens are defined and 58 are not done.

The command

	linuxconf --helpfile

prints a list of all help files defined. Lines starting with *** indicates a missing help file. Note also that linuxconf presents the path of the help file when viewing it. From this path, you can relate to the path of the SGML document in linuxconf sources (in the help.files/ sub-directory).

Related documents

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The big list!

The table below presents all the help screens defined. The columns goes like this:

StatusSource pathMenu pathDescription
M apache/apache.sgmlNetworking
Apache web server
Introduce the Apache configuration and the sub-menu. Should provide other pointers to configure the web.
M apache/dir.sgmlNetworking
Apache web server
Sub-directory specs
Per-directory configuration. The concept must be explained with some usage example.
M apache/domain.sgmlNetworking
Apache web server
Virtual domains
Let you add and manage virtual host (often called virtual domains). The help should make reference to the proper DNS management as well and potentially to the IP aliases.
M apache/httpd.sgml This helps is available from the list of configuration file and briefly describe the httpd.conf file
askrunlevel/boot.sgmlBoot mode
W askrunlevel/bootlog.sgmlLogs
Boot logs
Describe what you see in the boot logs (kernel boot sequence with hardware detection. Could be more exhaustive)
askrunlevel/default.sgmlBoot mode
Default boot mode
askrunlevel/define.sgmlBoot mode
Define runlevels
askrunlevel/intro.sgmlBoot time menu
askrunlevel/ksyms.sgmlAssociated with the
file /proc/ksyms
askrunlevel/lilo.sgmlBoot mode
LILO defaults
Describe LILO configuration and try to explain how LILO work. This help is shared by many entries in tbe "Boot mode" menu and this is not appropriate.
M askrunlevel/modules.sgml This help file is associated with the config file /proc/modules and /etc/conf.modules. It must explain their usage.
M dhcpd/dhcp.sgmlNetworking
General introduction to dhcp service. Must explain the different menu entry. It is currently used also for the "default" dialog and the subnet definition dialog. A separate help for each would be better here.
dialog/notfound.sgml Used to report that an HTML document is not found!.
M dialout/ip-up.sgmlWhen starting a PPP
Linuxconf modified /etc/ppp/ip-up and /etc/ppp/ip-down to hook itself. Linuxconf prompts the user to be allowed to do that. Once done, the popup won't show again. The help must describe why linuxconf is doing that.
M dialout/ppp.sgmlNetworking
PPP or SLIP dialout
Describe the complete PPP configuration dialog with all options. Should talk about the various command lines. It may also cover on demand dialing with diald, the ip_dynaddr featurre as well as some tips for people doing masquerading on a diald PPP link.
M dialout/pppdev.sgmlRelated to the
/var/run/pppdev files
Must explain how linuxconf associate a PPP session (a pppd process) with a PPP configuration.
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Quick edit
When you define a new host with an IP and this IP is used by another host on this DNS. A dialog pops up and let you resolve the conflict.
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Quick edit
M dnsconf/features.sgmlNetworking
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Should cover all the features of the dialog and explain why one would need that.
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Describe the main menu of the DNS configurator.
Domain Name Server (DNS)
IP allocation space
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Configure domains
M dnsconf/rename.sgmlNetworking
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Quick edit
You edit a DNS entry and change the name of the entry. You have two choices: Remove the old entry and add the new, or keep the old.
M dnsconf/reverse.sgmlNetworking
Domain Name Server (DNS)
Quick edit
You enter a host name from a domain not managed by this DNS. A smaller dialog appears where you can only enter IP numbers. This allows you to configure the reverse mapping for this hosts even you do not manage the domain of this hosts. Linuxconf makes sure that all IP numbers fits in one of the special IN-ADDR.ARPA zones of this DNS.
M dnsconf/root.sgmlNetworking
Domain Name Server (DNS)
When you enter the DNS configurator menu, linuxconf always check if you have a proper root.cache file installed. If not it proposes to install one. A pop up shows up. The help must describe what is going on and the purpose of the root.cache file. Without one (often called named.ca), you won't go very far with your DNS :-)
Domain Name Server (DNS)
M firewall/firewall.sgmlNetworking/Firewalling defaults A single help describe all firewalling configuration. Should be splitted in files specific to each menu.
fstab/access.sgmlFile systems
fstab/fstab.sgmlFile systems
Access local drive
Access NFS volume
fstab/mountpoint.sgmlFile systems
Access local drive (pick one entry)
M fstab/mtab.sgmlAt probe time When linuxconf review the configuration of the machine, it may find that a previous configuration in /etc/fstab has been changed and does not correspond with the running state. Linuxconf offers to do remount...
M fstab/perms.sgmlControl files and systems
File permission and ownership
Must explain that one may override the permissions and ownership of some control file but he should be cautious when doing that as it may introduce security issues or improper operation.
fstab/quota.sgmlFile systems
Set quota defaults
fstab/quotacheck.sgmlprobe time When linuxconf detects that quota is enabled for a partition, but the the quotacheck has never been run it prompt the user. the purpose of quotacheck must be explained. We must explain this operation may take a while.
fstab/swap.sgmlprobe time The system lacks a swap file or partition and linuxconf is telling the user about this problem. We must explain the need for a swap file or partition.
M mailconf/sendmail_pid.sgml
M main/ctrlfile.sgmlControl files and systems Explain each option of this menu.
W main/intro.sgmlMain help of linuxconf Could be turned up-side down. It should describe each top level menu entry and then talks about linuxconf in general and linux also, providing pointers to get more info.
main/introweb.sgml First page shown when entering Linuxconf's html mode.
M main/keymap.sgmlFeatures After having changed the keyboard map Linuxconf prompts the user to make the change immediate or at the next boot. Keymap should be explained here.
M main/logs.sgmlLogs Must describe the entries of this menu.
main/shutdown.sgmlControl panel
misc/configf.sgmlControl files and systems
All configuration files
misc/confver.sgmlControl files and systems
System profiles
misc/linuxconf.sgmlRelated to the
/etc/conf.linuxconf file
Explain its purpose.
M misc/modules.sgmlControl files and systems
Linuxconf modules
Must explain how to enabled new modules. Must explain what are modules, what they can do. This dialog has to be reworked to make module more obvious to new linuxconf users anyway.
W misc/switchver.sgmlControl panel
Switch system profile
Must explain a little more what is involved with system profile versioning/archiving etc...
M motd/motd.sgmlUser accounts
Message of the day
Must explain what is /etc/motd and when it is displayed.
M mrtg/mrtg.sgmlNetworking
Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)
Must explain what is MRTG and what it can monitor.
M netadm/export.sgmlCluster administration
Admin groups definition
(select one group
and use the export button)
Must explain the concept and the requirement on the other side.
netadm/group.sgmlCluster administration
Admin groups definition
netadm/netadm.sgmlCluster administration
netadm/remadmin.sgmlCluster administration
anaging remote hosts
M netadm/tree.sgmlCluster administration
Admin trees management
Must explain that linuxconf works inside /etc/linuxconf/admtrees/ where you find a replication of the directory structure of a normal linux system.
M netconf/actnew.sgmlProbe time When a new dropin is created or installed Linuxconf prompts the admin to enable this new service.
netconf/amd.sgmlRelated to the
/etc/conf.amd.map file
netconf/connect.sgmlProbe time When linuxconf check to enable configuration changes, it does a connectivity test on the DNS. If this fails, it asks the admin if it is worth to continue
M netconf/control.sgml
M netconf/host.conf.sgml
M netconf/netconflog.sgml
M netconf/pidfile.sgml
M netconf/restartdb.sgml
M netconf/syslog.sgml
M netconf/sysv.sgml
M netconf/toolong.sgml
M redhat/clock.sgml
M redhat/keyboard.sgml
M redhat/network.sgml
M redhat/passwd.sgml
M redhat/ptp.sgml
M redhat/static-routes.sgml
M samba/printers.sgml
M squid/squid.sgml
M userconf/cron.sgml
M userconf/delaccount.sgml
M userconf/group.sgml
M userconf/groups.sgml
M userconf/intro.sgml
M userconf/shadow.sgml
M uucp/devices.sgml
M uucp/dialers.sgml
M uucp/system.sgml
M uucp/tasks.sgml
M uucp/uucp.sgml
M wuftpd/rootdir.sgml
M wuftpd/virtual.sgml
M wuftpd/wuftpd.sgml
M xconf/intro.sgml