Linuxconf 1.9r8 (Test release)

User accounts


Linuxconf has now a user interface to manage crontab files and knows how to deal with the crontab command to register the cron tasks. A button has been added to the user account management. It is called TASKS. Only the superuser can use this feature.

Another menu has been added in the control panel to edit root's crontab. The same has been done in the UUCP management section (In the Networking menu). In the UUCP management, a default crontab will be proposed to you if you don't have any crontab at all for UUCP. This should help new UUCP users to figure that without a crontab, UUCP is not that useful. Sample scripts are provided with Linuxconf and suggested in the default crontab. They handle cleanup and polling.

Shadow management

Linuxconf now deal much more accurately with shadow password account. It deals more properly with all the bells and whistle of the shadow record. Changes were done at different places to fully support those features. This includes


Linuxconf now support configuration of the dhcp server (which also does dynamic bootp stuff. Really neat to manage linux based X terminals).

One Linuxconf's users has done a patch to the dhcp server to link to Linuxconf dns management capability. We are now working on the last details. This is pretty neat. You setup your domain and reverse mapping, then fire up the dhcp server (using a dropin) and then you watch your DNS fill up.

Dns management

Linuxconf is now much smarter when dealing with multiple $ORIGIN zone file. This fix the problem with people who are starting their zone file with an implicit $ORIGIN statement. The way Linuxconf was dealing with this case was annoying.

Mail management

Virtual email

vpop3d has been enhanced to allow usage of the original POP-3 daemon when dealing with the main domain of the server. This will solve for good the problem with shadow password. While vpop3d could be compiled to support shadow password, it was not dynamic (unlike Linuxconf). You simply add an argument (the path of the original POP-3 server) to the vpop3d line in /etc/inetd.conf and vpop3d will call this program. vpop3d can still be used as the primary POP daemon so working setups won't be affected.

Shadow password for virtual POP accounts

Linuxconf now default to shadow password for new virtual email domain. vpop3d is now shadow aware when validating password in a virtual domain. It will still work with virtual domain without shadow password file. This new feature is independent of the presence of shadow password support on your system. It just work like this.

Virtual email account now enjoy the same nice features as normal shadow account with stuff like password aging and account automatic expiration.


Alternate local network

It is now possible to specify more than one local network for an interface. This is done with a new entry in the routing management (routing and gateways).


Help files

Few typos have been corrected. Thanks to the few people who are trying to proof read those help files.

GUI for Linuxconf

A third user interface is in the making for Linuxconf. It will be based on Java. It will operate either with a web browser or stand-alone. In the later mode, Linuxconf will simply behave as any normal X11 program. Currently, not much can be seen in the source, except that a new subdirectory "Java" has been created and some test code have been written. Stay tune!