Linuxconf 1.9r15 (Test release)


Rules presentation

The firewalling rules presented by Linuxconf was all but readable. Those rules were presented in the preview prior to activating the changes. The new format is much more readable.

Rules ordering

Some modification were made for the sorting of the firewalling rules. Linuxconf compute the proper order for inclusion of the rules in the kernel. This order is now based on:

Special masquerading modules

To achieve masquerading for some protocol (ftp, real audio, irc, ...) a special kernel module must be loaded. These modules can't be loaded on demand. The "firewalling defaults" now contain a check box for each of those module. You just pick the one you need and Linuxconf will make sure that they are loaded.


Complex routing

The complex user routing mechanism is more flexible. Few people wanted to be able to redirect a complete email domain to a single email account. This was possible to do it before for those who had some understanding of sendmail. I have made some change to make this more obvious. Now you can enter an email address without user like "" and redirect that to ""


Linuxconf use to generate a masquerading request (the DM macro of even if the "present your system as" field was empty. It was not useful at all. Now if the field is empty, there is no DM definition.

Masquerading rules

A new feature in the sendmail configurator. This allows you to enter some filtering rules which may masquerade the sender. This feature will be generally used on a mail gateway where one want to hide one internal domain and pretend that outgoing messages originate from another domain.

Different variations are possible. You can translate from:

mailconf utility

Any user could enter this utility without any privilege or without providing any password. While they could not change anything or see anything which is important, this was annoying. You need the Linuxconf access privilege or the "superuser equivalence" privilege or you must know the root password to get in.


Installation script

The installation script announces that both RedHat 4.0 and 4.1 are supported.


The work continues on the GUI. Still not operational, but getting better.

User task management (Cron)

2 variations of the cron package are available for linux and the crontab command differ slightly between the two. Linuxconf has been modified to use an argument list compatible with both.



Ipx Internal network was not properly managed. The path of the utility ipx_internal_net was not correctly entered in Linuxconf (The default value at least).

On demand dialing (diald)

Linuxconf was not generating the proper configuration for Diald when using PAP.

User accounts


Symbolic links in /etc/skel were not copied correctly. The content of the file pointed too was copied instead.

New privilege

A new privilege has been added. It is called "SuperUser equivalence". Having this privilege allows you to do anything without being force to provide the root password. This privilege may be either granted or granted/silent as usual. This new privilege is targeting end user workstation where one don't want to provide the root password all the time to manage his workstation.