Linuxconf 1.9r12 (Test release)

PPP dialout

New menu entry in the control panel

A new entry in the control panel let you control the different dialout configuration. The list of configuration has been enhanced so you can see right away the name of the config, the type of connection (Login, PAP, ...), the operation mode (Manual, On demand) and if it is currently connected. Simply selecting a configuration will let you either do a connection or end a connection. This is also true for On demand connection. In that case, Linuxconf simply send a signal to diald asking it to enable/terminate the link.

Diald and PAP

There was a bug for on demand dialing with diald and PAP connection. This is fixed. Nothing has to be changed in your config, or in diald to make it functional.

Diald: A note

DIald support in Linuxconf was designed around diald 0.16. Unfortunately, many distribution (Debian for one) still carry the old 0.14 version. This won't work at all with Linuxconf.

On a side note also, if you wish to use diald, you only need to install 0.16. You don't even need to understand it. No need to create a /etc/diald.conf file. Just use the normal PPP dialout configuration screen of Linuxconf and flip the operation mode to On demand. That's all.


Some sanity checks were added when entering a new kernel. If you only specify the destination directory, the original name will be preserved. Linuxconf act more like the cp command now.

User account

/etc/skel is now supported. All files and sub-directories will be copied to the user account with proper ownership. The exact permission setting is preserved. There were some talks on the Linuxconf mailing list about having a more sophisticated setup. This could go like this. We could have several /etc/skel directories. When creating a user, Linuxconf could use /etc/skel-group if it exist. If not, it will use /etc/skel. Further a list of optional skeleton directories could be defined. In that case, Linuxconf would create a popup dialog allowing the operator to pick the proper skeleton directory.

Comments are welcome on this one!


The Linuxconf home page now has a much nicer logo, done by Dale Lovelace <>. He also did a much nicer "managed by Linuxconf" button which appears at the bottom of the introduction page of the html mode of Linuxconf. Those who want to promote Linuxconf further may put this button at the end of the web page of their site, pointing at