Linuxconf 1.9r10 (Test release)


Virtual email management

Many people have expressed interest in some more flexibility for virtual email domain. The requested feature was a way to redirect email to unknown user to a special account or to another email domain. Linuxconf 1.9r10 introduce a new field in the configuration dialog of the virtual email domain. It is called the fallback destination (Better naming welcome). This field is optional and normally empty. Email to unknown user is rejected. The help has been updated, but here go the semantic of the field. It may contain

Keep me posted about this feature. Few people have expressed interest in different variation of this concept and I think they are all cover by this "fallback" concept.

Mail to Fax gateway

Some work have been started to support FAX on Linux. One key element will be a mail2fax gateway. Currently, I am investigating Hylafax and mgetty. In the same process, Linuxconf would also support dialin configuration, using mgetty, as it is the best tool to manage modem (Fax and PPP for one).

This is preliminary. I would be happy to exchange with people running that kind of setup. For sure, making that easily manageable in Linuxconf would be a winner. Stay tuned!


PPP dialout

Linuxconf now supports PAP. Nothing was added to the dialog. The proper selector was there, but not effective. CHAP is still not operational though. To use PAP instead of normal login/password sequence, simply move the selector to PAP in the dialog. That's all.

On demand dialing (Diald)

Linuxconf now support diald fairly well. No new dialogs. A new line has been added to the dialout configuration dialog. The line allows the selection of the type of PPP connection needed. It looks like:

Operation mode:  (o) Manual ( ) On demand ( ) 24/24

Currently the 24/24 option is not implemented (the /etc/inittab file will be update with the proper netconf command). Anyway, this is all you have to know about diald. Even the routing information entered at the end of the PPP dialout dialog will be used to configure diald. You can even define multiple PPP configuration with the On demand operation mode. Linuxconf will validate that only one has the default route option. This allows you to define on demand dialing to your office (running a known set of IP number) and at the same time, having an on demand configuration to your Internet provider.

Comment are welcome about this one :-)

User interface

The work has continued on the third Linuxconf's user interface. It will be based on Java. Already quite a few dialog have been adjust although very few things (at first) will be need to get a nice graphical interface in Linuxconf. For this release, all the code have been disabled though as it was not finished. All the Java code is included in a new sub-directory named diajava if one care to look at it.


File permission

Some more permission checking have been added. Notably, uucp stuff (which fix a permission bug in RedHat at the same time) and some device (/dev/lp?).

Shadow password

A bug was corrected when validating shadow password for root at boot time (when configuring the system before it has completed the boot process, one Linuxconf exclusivity :-) ).