Linuxconf 1.5 (test release)

	Linuxconf 1.5 is also an intermediate release for testers.
	Unfortunatly, many new features of 1.4 were so needed that
	linuxconf 1.4 was put in production. To differentiate "too many"
	1.4 variant, 1.5 was built.

The major difference between 1.4 and 1.5 is that the html mode is much
more usable. There are still some dialog that do not work (user management
and DNS at least). It is much better and gives you a feel for it. It
properly ask for a password when needed. HTML mode install the same
way as with 1.4. (See below)

To support HTML further, one key modification has to be made to many
dialog: The SAVE button is gone. The sequence ADD-EDIT-ACCEPT-SAVE is
now simpler. Some dialog still have a SAVE buttons. This is why the HTML
mode is not complete. For exemple, when entering a new user, as soon
as you have "accepted" the dialog, the user is created.

The button DEL has now been moved directly in the dialog editing
the object you want to delete. This is nicer and more compatible with
the HTML mode.

-Sometime linuxconf was failing to do an automatic boot
 if the fsck sequence was very long. fixed!

-Some more permissions are checked on special directories and pppd.
-/etc/conf.linuxconf is now 600 for enhance privacy about configuration
-The word slave is managed properly in /etc/named.boot. Linuxconf
 do nothing with it though.
-A new feature IP_RANGE in the DNS management. You can "document"
 your network by telling linuxconf which IP number range are available
 like this		serveurs	X terminals	Workstation net 1	Workstation net 2

 When entering a new IP number for a DNS entry, linuxconf computes
 the first available IP number in each range. Using the combo box field
 (ctrl-X) you can pick the proper one. No more guessing for a free one.
-Better validation in the dialog for filter program in /etc/aliases.
-Basic support to select procmail instead of deliver as local delivry
-Complex user routing is now much more proven and better validated. Things
 like these can easily be done (with the same dialog as 1.4)	->info1		(local user)	->
		999-9999@fax		->faxsend	(A local email to fax filter)

-Start of support for apache httpd. No operationnal yet.
-A nug in the firewalling code was inserting the wrong number of
 ports in the kernel. fixed.
-ppp client management: the lcp-echo feature of pppd is can be configured
 with linuxconf. It is worth it btw. It has completly hidden a problem
 with a buggy ppp connexion (Was it the modem, who cares, it recover by
 itself now).
-Enhanced defaults for ppp client configuration.
-ip alias can be set on the loopback device (LO) and this will
 be activated even in local (no network) mode. Perfect to simulate
 a network during a demo, with a single computer.

-Some work has been started on user privilege. When done, this will
 split the different task done in linuxconf into many categories. When
 configuring a user account, you will see a checkbox for each. This allows
 you to delegate some administrative power to some users. Using his own
 password for exemple, a user will be allowed to create POP account but
 won't be allowed to create normal accounts. This is work in progress and
 does not show yet at the user interface level.
-Support for SHADOW password. Mostly, linuxconf detect /etc/shadow
 and change the user account dialog and add new fields in it. The password
 is then store in /etc/shadow and the different field of /etc/shadow
 are properly managed. This does not require a recompile. Linuxconf
 will be always /etc/shadow aware. You still need to install the shadow
 package to get the new logins and friends.