Linuxconf 1.4 (test release)

	Linuxconf 1.4 is an intermediate release for testers including
	different things but mostly the html interface (configure
	your system straight with a web browser). To install linuxconf
	so it operates this way, just write

in /etc/services (choose the port you wish)

	linuxconf	98/tcp

in /etc/inetd.conf

	linuxconf  stream  tcp     wait  root    /bin/linuxconf linuxconf --http

and then do

	netconf --update

linuxconf start on demand. From you web browser, open


and click, click ... Comments are welcome on this.

-IPX interface management/configuration. Huge but simple dialog.
-Some correction to pseudo-tty permission checking at boot time (Some
 pseudo-tty work not checked).
-Permission and mode work not checked correctly for special devices
-fastab editing was not providing access to the two last field (dump
 and fsck order). Now it does allows you to plug a number there in
 the dialog.
-Email alias: Linuxconf was checking for duplicate case sensitivly. It
 has to be case insensitive. It is now.
-One nice addition to mail configuration: Complex (user) routing.
 It is now possible to solve this kind of problem directly with linuxconf
 using a simple dialog.

	-your machine is the mail server of the domain
	-You want to redirect all email for to

 Previously, linuxconf was only supporting special routing at the domain
 level. Using this, it is now possible to redirect a complete domain to
 a single user somewhere else.
-/etc/ is now optionnaly generated even if you change the
 configuration. There is an option in the menu just for that.
-All commands used by linuxconf are now visible in a menu in the main
 menu. You can interactivly change the path and the argument linuxconf
 is using to call the command. No need to recompile or to play in
 /usr/lib/linuxconf/conf.daemons anymore.
-Firewalling now work with the latest kernels. The user interface has
 not changed though.