Linuxconf 1.3 (official release)

-All textual messages are now in a dictionary. One can translate
 Linuxconf without touching the source code. Checkout the document
 translate/translat.doc for further info about this. Get in touch
 with me ( if you would like to contribute on
 this part (Translating). Because of this change, almost every file
 has changed from linuxconf 1.2 to 1.3.

-start kerneld only if there is some modules available. Use depmod to
 compute the depandency list if needed.

-Can probe /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab. From there, knows what has to be
 mount or remount (Apply new mount option).

-User interface

	-The OK button is gone. It was redundant.
	-Much enhanced 3D look in text mode.
	-More work on HTML mode. Not working yet.
	-When a dialog has a timeout, a counter is shown at the bottom
	 so the user knows something will happen if he's not doing anything.

-Basic support for sshd (start/stop it).

-Rework of the firewalling setup to support latest 1.3.x kernel. You
 can still compile linuxconf on older kernels, but the firewalling will
 be disable. Linuxconf does not use ipfw anymore. It talks directly
 to the kernel.

-New dialogs to support IP Aliasing. You specify to address or names
 you want to alias and it manages the channels (eth0:x) itself, adding
 the proper routes.

-New dialogs to support RARP.

-UUCP configuration. All new.

-New tricks in the PPP dialout dialogs. Allows for smarter chats and more

-Fix the passwd command when a user try to change his own password.