Linuxconf 1.2 (official release)

-Some cleanup to cleanly compil in gcc 2.7.2. It nows compile fine
 with 2.6.2 and 2.7.2 (2.7.0 also I guess).

-askrunlevel now does some sanity check at boot time. The fixperm
 mecanism has now a way to specify that a check should be done only
 at boot time.

 This includes some permission checking and validation of /etc/fstab.
 If something is wrong, a message will be sent to the user, with
 a timemout of 15 seconds.

-Some permissions checking are done on pseudo-tty. They are normally
 set back by telnetd and other but may stay improperly set after a crash.

-Some paths were changed in conf.daemons, notably pppd and chat which
 are now located in /usr/sbin.

-Some preliminary work have been done for the HTML mode. Not operationnal

-Some cleanups of the user interface in preparation to make it
 a DLL. It could be used for other things than linuxconf.

-The firewalling system now is smarter when activating new rules. It do so
 without disrupting network operation. It is now possible to update the
 firewall using a telnet and keep the connection active. You must be careful
 not to shoot yourself though. It is still possible to cut a machine completly
 from the outside.

 It is now possible to specify network and interface using the interface
 name (eth0) instead of IP numbers. It is more convenient. The kernel still
 works with IP number instead of interface. Linuxconf is simply doing
 the translation.

-Many changes in the ppp dialout dialogs. More pppd features. Be warn that
 it is targetting pppd 2.2.0 and not the current production one. One tester
 has reported that it is not working for older pppd. Some documentation
 have been added in the help to describe how to setup a permanent link
 with it and /etc/inittab.

-Some paths were changes from /var/adm/... to /var/log/... according to
 the FSSTND.

-When Linuxconf prompt for the root password, it will gives you 3 tries.

-Preliminary work in UUCP management.

-Preliminary work in the translation utility (For messages).