Linuxconf 1.13r5

Linuxconf 1.13r5 contains various enhancements and bug fixes that were long requested by the growing user community. 1.13r4 contained mostly bug fixes. The present change log is relative to 1.13r1 since there were no change logs for 1.13r4.

Check it out, you will probably find one of your requests :-)

User interface


When displaying a long list, Linuxconf pops a filter dialog allowing you to view a part of the list only. This behavior used to kick in when the list was larger than 15 items. The features dialog has a new field called "Trigger for filter". You control here the amount of items needed to enable the filter. The default is now 60 instead of 15. Placing 0 there disable the filter completely, in all dialogs.

User account management

Default home permission

From the password and account policies dialog, you can now set the default permission for new user home directory. You enter an octal number.

Per group defaults

You can now define (optionally) a default home directory per group as well as the associated permission setting. This allows an admin to direct popusers members home in a different home area than other group.

Homeless users

You can define for a group that all new member will inherit the same home directory. This feature has been requested by some large site admin where users do not really need a home directory at all (POP users for one).

A check box enable the behavior in the group definition dialog.

Virtual email domains

The vdeliver utility now return the proper error code if the user account does not exist.

Disk quota

Quota were not updated properly when creating a new user account. Fixed!


The boot time menu had various glitches. It was either not selecting the proper run-level or was requesting a password needlessly.

On Red Hat 5.1 (and 5.2), the maintenance mode was not available. It is now reliable for all distribution, except on SuSe where the ability to change run-level while booting is still not functional.


Various enhancements were made to the linuxconf-devel packages. It is now easier to develop module outside of the Linuxconf source tree. So far three were done: managerpm, userinfo and mgettyconf. Check them out at

Here are the interesting features of linuxconf-devel:

Note that linuxconf-devel may also be used to develop standalone utilities. These utilities will share with linuxconf various features:

Expect to see more documentation on that topic. The remdesk package is currently under development and will provide a good feel for that technology. Stay tuned.

dialout module

On boot
The "on boot" option of the dialog was never implemented. It is now. People using the dialout module to control dedicated connection were using /etc/inittab to handle the "netconf --connect" command. While this still work (and is reliable), the new support for onboot is more flexible and you do not have to fiddle with /etc/inittab. A small daemon called pppwatch is used to monitor the PPP connection and restart it if the it disconnect. One advantage of using this strategy is that you can shut off the link without switching the run-level.

With an onboot configuraion, you can still connect and disconnect the link either using the control panel or the "netconf --connect" and "netconf --disconnect" command. The difference is simply that when you connect, it will reconnect by itself. Further, it connects at boot time on its own.

Check it out.

PPP over SSH

This feature used to need a special version of SSH. It can now operate with a normal SSH using the pty-redir utility ( contributed, supplied). A check box lets you switch from the special SSH mode to the pty-redir mode. It is off by default. Note that current dialout configuration working with the modified SSH will continue to operate. Mostly, it means that the check-box is on by default for new configuration, and off for older configuration.

dnsconf module

Bind 8 is now supported transparently. Not all bind 8 features are supported though.

status module

The module can now display /proc/interrupts and /proc/ioports. This let people discovers the wonders of /proc from linuxconf...

mailconf module

Home for virtual email users are now defined as


to make it more standard, especially for the vhost package users.

IP aliases

Before 1.13r5, one could not control the netmask assigned to network device IP aliases. It was defaulting to Now it defaults to This is suitable for almost all users. The dialog has one new field to encode the netmask if needed.

Note the Red Hat 5.1 and 5.2 users will have to update their /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-aliases to take advantage of this new feature. If you do not need to fiddle with the netmask for IP aliases, you do not have to upgrade this scripts. The new script can be found at .



The conectiva distribution is the second one to officially support Linuxconf. A new distribution directory /usr/lib/linuxconf/conectiva was created as well as a conectiva module.


Some work has been done to better integrate Linuxconf into SuSE. A module called suse was created. This modules loads transparently when running Linuxconf on a SuSE distribution.

Currently, the module does not do much. The goal of the module is to manage the SuSE specific config file (/etc/rc.config for one) directly. Currently, it handles the keyboard and clock setting in /etc/rc.config. Expect the network configuration and few other details to follow soon.


Some fixes were done in the permission setting enforced by Linuxconf for Debian 2.0.

Red Hat

Red Hat 5.2 is out with Linuxconf 1.12r5. There are few packaging glitches in the mailconf and dialout modules. If you are using those, you are probably better to upgrade to 1.13r5 (1.13r4 is fine also).

The red hat PPP configuration was part of the redhat module. It has been moved to a separate module called redhatppp. It is enabled by the install script, so you don't need to do anything about it. This was done for users of the dialout module who wanted to remove the Red Hat solution to avoid confusion.


Translators are hard at work. New are joining. As far as I know the French and Portuguese translation are completed, including all helps (well some helps are still not done at all :-( ).

Note that the RPM package now contains some translation. This means that starting with 1.13r5, you really need RPM 2.5 to rebuild Linuxconf.


The Portuguese language was initially assigned the ID "br". This was wrong. It has been renamed to "pt".

New scripts to help translators has written 3 new scripts

2500 messages, 160 help screens.

There are about 2500 different messages to translate in Linuxconf. Of the 160 help screens defined, 63 are not done yet.