Linuxconf 1.13r1

1.13r1 contains minor bug fixes and enhancements.


The boot time mode selection menu had a problem on Red Hat 5.1. The maintenance mode was not in the menu. Other mode was hard to select manually.

virtual email domain and vdeliver

A feature of the late 1.10 release was forgotten and vdeliver did not properly supported email domain aliases (not user aliases). Fixed!

More command line options

Modules have been enhanced to support more command line option. This allows one to configure a virtual domain (virtual hosts) almost completely from the command line. Here are the new options

	linuxconf --modulemain mailconf --help
	linuxconf --modulemain mailconf --addvdom domain [ --startuid uid ] \
		[ --fallback email ] [ --faliases file ] \
		[ --daliases domain ]
	linuxconf --modulemain mailconf --delvdom
	linuxconf --modulemain apache --help
	linuxconf --modulemain apache --addvhost host --root path
	linuxconf --modulemain apache --delvhost host
	linuxconf --modulemain wuftpd --help
	linuxconf --modulemain wuftpd --addvhost host --root path
	linuxconf --modulemain wuftpd --delvhost host

Note that the dnsconf module was pretty well cover. So one can build a script which will setup a new vdomain. Few things are still missing such as:

Note also that this work done in the modules was done to deliver a special module called "virtual". The goal of this module is to provide a global view of all virtual services configuration for a domain in one screen. It will allow one to create and configure a vdomain in one stop! This module is almost done and is quite small (200 lines). It relies on other modules, using the co-manager concept to build and manage the dialog. As such it adapts to the new modules you install. Probably a very good thing to show to those who still believe there is no admin tool on linux :-).


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