Linuxconf 1.12r7

1.12r7 contains various features and bug fixes. It is the last in the 1.12 series. Next one will be 1.13. The goal of 1.12 was to produce another unified version. With 1.13, the goal will be to make more modules and to help those who want to create module (the module builder tool)


LILO configuration now support passwords for the global section as well as for each configuration. The restricted feature is also supported. This password feature allows you to secure somewhat your console.

Filesystems and partitions

The new fdisk is producing a slightly different format and Linuxconf is parsing that to get the partition information. 1.12r7 properly support both the old and new format.

New modules

Since 1.12r5, it is possible, using the linuxconf-devel package, to produce module outside of the Linuxconf tree. The archive now contain a modules directory which closely looks like the devel directory, so on you will find the following sub-directories

The managerpm module

In the modules sub-directory, you will find the managerpm module. This is a tool to do various stuff with RPM packages. While not completed, it is promising. Here are the few things it can do:

Various tools are doing about the same things or close. The advantage is that managerpm works in Linuxconf, so provide multiple user interfaces.

The "virtual" module

This module is not available yet, but 1.12r7 do contain some of the work needed by this module. The virtual module is a one stop dialog to create a new domain and configure all virtual services associated with this domain. This module relies on inter-module messaging and co-manager concept. It is a dispatcher which synchronize the work of all Linuxconf modules managing virtual services (dnsconf,mailconf,wuftpd,apache).

I suspect that this module will be a killer for ISPs. Should be available shortly.


Translators are pretty busy these days. The Portuguese translator is working fast, the same could be said for finish. Linuxconf is now translated in Slovak.