Linuxconf 1.11r19

1.11r19 features minor bug fixes.

Crontab management

Crontabs (tasks) configuration may have variable definition. Linuxconf was trashing those before. Now they are properly preserved.


The operation mode was not selected properly when using the keyboard.

HTML mode

Creation of new account and password changes in HTML are now fixed.


When installing a new kernel you compiled, Linuxconf check for both /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage and bzImage.

Sendmail configuration

Now virtual domains are considered local. This means that you do not have to defined them explicitly when enabling relay control. Before they were rejected. Less configuration work :-)


The finish translation is almost completed. Even some help are translated!

Virtual email accounts

Linuxconf could not changed the password for virtual email accounts. Bug specific to 1.11. Fixed!