Linuxconf 1.11r18

1.11r18 is a upgrade release for RedHat 5.1 users. Hopefully, it is one of the last in the 1.11 family. 1.12 is forthcoming and will be the unified version that will fit on all distribution. 1.11r18 is the basis for 1.12. When 1.12 will be released, a change log will be written relative to 1.10r34. This one is relative to 1.11.

1.11r18 contains bug fixes to various modules which used to work on 1.10. Note that on Red Hat 5.1, all Linuxconf modules are shipped (installed) but not enabled. In 1.11R11, some were not working properly.

HTML mode

Security issues

Changes were made to the HTTP protocol handler to address some security concerns. The resulting code has been reviewed.

By default the HTML mode is now disabled. A check box located in the "networking/linuxconf access" menu allows you to enable the feature.

Originally, the default was to allow HTML access from the loopback and from the local network (network of the first adaptor). This has been changed. Beside being disabled by default, only the workstation itself may access the service. If you wish to access the HTML mode from another host or network, you must configure it in this dialog. The way it is configured has not changed (you enter network/netmask pairs).

Changing passwords

A bug in the PAM dialog was preventing one to change passwords using the HTML mode. Further, another bug in the PAM handling was causing all kinds of problems (even segfaults) after having changed a few passwords.

There is still a bug in HTML mode when you create an account. You are getting a dialog mismatch error when you enter the password. We are working on it. The workaround for now is this:

Note that this problem is specific to the HTML mode. The other user interface should be reliable in this area now.

Boot time menu (askrunlevel)

This feature of Linuxconf was disabled in 1.11. It has been enabled again. For now, Red Hat is not shipping the proper /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit to take advantage of this. If you wish to use that (great feature imho), just append the following line to your /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit script


To configure the boot time default, check out the "boot mode" menu and then the "default boot mode" entry. A new check-box has been added to enable/disable the boot time menu. By default, it is off. The reason it is off by default is unrelated to security. Some people claims it is a fairly surprising feature, so the user should enable it himself. Once this feature gain widespread acceptance, we will turn it on by default, since it is solving so many show stoppers (such as "how do I configure my workstation to boot in graphic mode by default").

LILO configuration

The revision date of initial ram disk was not checked. Now Linuxconf will properly check that and ask you to run LILO if you have regenerated one initial ram disk (using mkinitrd).

PPP/SLIP/PLIP configuration

When configuring a PPP dial-out with PAP, Linuxconf was generating an improper chat script.

User account management

A security fix was done to solve a possible root exploit with the GECOS field.

File permission and ownership


Linuxconf is not enforcing any permission for /root.


Linuxconf was not supporting comments in this file. fixed!

Other platforms

Some fixes were merged to support linux 68k and PowerPC architecture.

Command lines

Two new command lines have been added to Linuxconf. They allow one to add or remove a module from Linuxconf.

	linuxconf --setmod modulename_or_path
	linuxconf --unsetmod modulename_or_path



You can specify an alternate chat script (you are on your own) in case the one generated by Linuxconf is not flexible enough.


The searchlist directive was not supported in named.boot.


The aliases co-manager was not working properly when creating new accounts. This has yielded a generalization of the co-manager concept. This means that this concept is not more restricted to user account dialogs, but may be applied to others as well. Expect to see other "modular" dialog in the future.

The file /usr/lib/linuxconf/redhat/mailconf.daemons was wrong and prevented this module to work normally.


This is a new module allowing one to change the file /etc/motd. This is not a big module and has dubious value. Here are the incentives to write such a module:

pppdialin module

Some bug fixes were done in /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/ppplogin script making this module functional. Note that the script can support pppd 2.2 and 2.3. A checkbox is provided when configuring the default options.


This module was not working at all in 1.11. It is now. The same applies to the treemenu module.


Help screens

Some work has been done. Helps have been written for the samba module and numerous correction were made.

Developer's guide

The document has been written to give a help to new linuxconf developers. It describes among other things, the organization of the various Makefiles. Check it out.