Linuxconf 1.10r8

Some work in progress

A new type of menu will soon appear in Linuxconf. It will be a global tree type menu. Some work has been done to extract on the fly the complete menu structure, including modules.

A by-product of this new toy is the usermenu module. This will allow people to assemble their own menu (limited view of Linuxconf). Currently, usermenu allow one to define a set of custom menus but the enabling code is incomplete (the menu point nowhere).

The mailsql project was delayed a bit.


The infamous keyboard focus problem is solved. This was the last show stopper in the GUI. The problem with the color palette is still no solved though. I have to study further how the wxXt toolkit works.

User interface and lists

Many dialog have been change from a simple list to a list with prefix like the user account. It is handy when the list grow as it allows to enter a filter prefix. A one liner change.

DNS management and the netadm module

A glitch was fixed. It was preventing the netadm module from managing a DNS inside an administration tree.

Email aliases

A glitch was fixed when one alias had more than then values. The problem was with the user interface.

System profile versioning

When entering the default archiving family for a new version, you have now a help list showing all available archiving family.

User account management

The private user group (a la Red Hat) is now supported by Linuxconf. It is a feature you can control from the password and account policies dialog. It default to on on Red Hat.

When you create a new account using this policies, the group is empty. If you do not specify a group, then the user id is used and the group is created as needed.

POP and PPP account are still created with the popusers and pppusers group and you can't changed them.

In all cases, you can specify a group. If the group does not exist and it has a different name from the user id, you are prompt the create the group. So you can create new group on the fly without going to the group administration.

The supplemental groups of a user are now visible right from the user account. They are still visible group per group as before, but you can set those group right in the user account dialog.

Changing the date

The dialog accept now both yyyy and yy for the year. So it is year two thousand compliant.

PPP dial-out

Some option of the dialog were silently ignored when configuring a dial-out for on-demand (with diald). This is fixed.

Linuxconf is now compatible with both ppp-2.2 and ppp-2.3.3. Linuxconf now handle the file /etc/ppp/pap-secrets and /etc/ppp/chap-secrets transparently at connect time. (this is logged too).

More translations

The French version is coming along for the help screen. The German effort is picking up.