Linuxconf 1.10r7

Dec Alpha now supported

RPMs for RedHat 5 on digital Alpha are now available for this release. I intend to deliver those packages for every future releases. You will find the package in the devel/alpha-rpm sub-directory of the Linuxconf archive.

For those who wish to recompile the package, you need

Red Hat sent me an Alpha, so I am now in position to better support it.

There was one glitch with the computing of default netmask, network address and broadcast, related to the 64bit architecture.

LILO on anything than a PC

The code for LILO has been disable on anything than a PC...

Further, if /etc/lilo.conf is missing, Linuxconf assumes now that there is no LILO configuration needed on this machine and does not complain. No need to disable LILO in the dialog anymore.

SegFault while creating a virtual email domain

This one was finally nailed down :-)

The mailsql module

A new module project has been started. The goal is to supply a mail solution using an SQL server to store the messages instead of normal in-box (or other file oriented format).

The project will deliver 3 components:

In this release, I am not delivering any binary package, but the project is in the modules/mailsql sub-directory of the source distribution. You will find a script called which is used to create the database.

This was developed using MySQL btw.

Enhanced SysV scripts and dropins

One glitch was fixed where Linuxconf was trying to restart an already started process for no reasons.

Also, some K script were run at boot time. This is fixed now.

User account management

You can now specify a script to run immediately after a new account is created and just before an account is deleted. You control this in the password and account policies dialog.

Two sample pre-delete script are supplied (selectable from the help list). One allow complete removal of the account and the other provide for archival of the home and in-box folder prior to removal. If this script fail (return an error code), Linuxconf will signal the failure and let the admin decides if he still want to remove the account.

The output of those scripts is logged. See the help screen here for more details

Comments and useful sample scripts are welcome!

The vpop3d, vdeliver and friend in C++

I finally did a cleanup on this old code so it now compiles fine in C++. This was causing headache as it was not easy to share code between those small utilities and the rest of Linuxconf.