Linuxconf 1.10r4

Enhanced Sysv init script support

The most important aspect of this release is the new enhanced Sysv init scripts. One can add various "tags" to a Sysv init script allowing linuxconf to better make use of this technology. Current Sysv init script technology (without tags) are pretty boring: They are useful at boot time and when switching runlevel. After that they are useless. Red Hat software are working to upgrade all their sysv scripts to make them compliant with this new scheme.

Check out the following document to find more


Timeout on various pop-ups when booting

The timeout was fixed to 15. It is now configurable in the boot mode/default boot mode dialog, down to 0.

Installation on Slackware

Some probing is done at install time for the networking parameter. The file /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 is inspected to retrieve the basic networking parameter.

Shadow passwords on Slackware

A glitch was fixed about shadow password on Slackware. The glitch was hosing the /etc/shadow file the first time Linuxconf was used to update a user account. 1.10r4 has been tested (by me) on a brand new Slackware 1.4 installation.

Linuxconf on Digital Alpha

I have received 2 reports that Linuxconf was compiling and running fine on Digital Alpha (Red Hat 5.0). 1.10r4 contain a small fix to better align a structure in memory. I hope to deliver RPMs for Alpha on a steady basis in a short while. In the mean time, those who want Alpha RPM could do it like this:

	rpm --rebuild linuxconf-1.10r4-1.src.rpm

Command line for user account

The command line options needed to create user account from Linuxconf non-interactively are now operational. There are the --deluser and --adduser options. The --adduser will correctly do the following things

Combined with the "passwd -P" option of Linuxconf, they supply a nice solution for those who need to create user account from scripts. Comments appreciated on these.

"userconf --help" output the usage

Virtual mail domain

A glitch in 1.10r3 was preventing one from creating a virtual email domain. File /etc/vmail/passwd.the_domain were created as directories instead of file. Fixed!

System profile versioning

When you create a new profile, the user accounts and user privileges are associated with the archiving family "common". In most case you really want to share the user accounts and privilege across all the various system profile you have. Well, this is the proposed default. You can change it...


The french translation is moving fast!

The french translation of Linuxconf is going very well. All the screens are done and the "French team" is now starting on the help screens. Already 24 screens are done (completed ?).

Diffs of the help screens

To help translator, I am now producing a diff for the English sgml files used to build the help screens. You can find those diffs at

I will make those diffs available for each new releases in the future.

Translatable startup menu

The menu seen at boot time was not translatable. The options in this menu are distribution dependent. They are stored in the various /usr/lib/linuxconf/"distribution"/runlevels.

It is now possible to translate this file and adding a suffix identifying the language. For example, for French, one would provide /usr/lib/linuxconf/"distribution"/