Linuxconf 1.10r34

This is one of the last revision in 1.10...

Security fix

A flaw in some environment variable handling was causing a securtity hole. It was exploitable by shell users. All environment variable management has been fixed (very few in fact) to reallow safe setuid mode for linuxconf.

sendmail configuration

smrsh support

There is a new check box in the basic configuration dialog where you can select smrsh support or not. It defaults to no as so many people have experienced problems with smrsh

aliases for virtual domain (not user aliases)

A virtual email domain may have few aliases (several domains point to the same users). The implementation of this feature was flawed and was causing problems when used with relay control features.

The generation of the was reworked (more compact) and vdeliver was changed to cope with the new strategy. Basically all virtual domain and their aliases are managed equally and vdeliver tell the aliases apart from the domains.