Linuxconf 1.10r3


User account management

You can specify the base path (default) for new user account. It was /home, but you can set it to whatever you need. This is done in the "passwd and account policies".

One module to manage wu-ftpd

A new module was created (wuftpd) to manage the /etc/ftpaccess file. It does not manage everything you can do with wu-ftpd but does handle quite a few features, with a nice user interface. It also handles virtual host definitions.

While it does not handle all the features of wu-ftpd, the ftpaccess file is parsed in a way that un-managed feature are correctly handled anyway.

Translations and help screens

I have received some more translations for the french version as well as some help screen. I have also received some enhancements to the help screen from RedHat.

One glitch was solved about translated help screen in html mode.

RPM and SuSE

The same RPM installs on RedHat, Caldera and now on SuSE 5.1. There is still a problem with the /sbin/init utility shipped on SuSE (which is the same as on other distribution). So when the machine is booting, linuxconf complain that the /sbin/telinit command takes too long to complete. I am investigating this problem. So linuxconf on SuSE is not ready for prime time but is coming nicely.


A small script has been created to speedup creation of modules. In the modules directory, you will find the script Just do this

cd modules

and answer the few questions. This creates most of the stuff needed to start a module in a subdirectory. This is not a replacement for reading the module tutorial available at . But this gets you started faster.

The sub-directory modules/builder contains various templates used by this script. generation

/etc/ is generated using some templates located in /usr/lib/linuxconf/mailconf. Those who want to experiment "manually" may edit those templates my copying them in /etc/mail/mailconf. Linuxconf will pick template files there instead of the one in the distribution. Just copy the files you intend ot modify.

Whenever you edit a file there, linuxconf (when executed) will find out that it must generates a new out of it.

If you do a valuable (general) change to the templates, maybe this can be turned into a nice feature in linuxconf...

Per distribution module

Linuxconf may silently load a module specific to a distribution. So far, the only one is for redhat (done as part of the agreement announced earlier). These modules can do various things to influence the behavior of linuxconf.

In the RedHat case, the module is filtering/managing /etc/conf.linuxconf. Linuxconf on redhat deals directly with some files in /etc/sysconfig/ instead of relying exclusivly on /etc/conf.linuxconf (for stuff which have no official config file for sure as linuxconf always support the official config files).

PPP dialout and IPX

The configuration screen has been enhanced with an IPX section. Anyone care to test that to see if this is complete enough ?