Linuxconf 1.1 (official release)

-LILO support is new

-All configuration file path can be changes dynamicly using the
  button of the screen "List all configuration file". This
 handy for /etc/lilo.conf which has to be moved sometime.

-Cleanup to compile with GCC 2.7.0 and run on Slackware 3.0

-Some more work to PPP support. Add PLIP support. connect and disconnect
 feature work. Does not use the command line anymore to pass information
 to pppd to avoid showing password (using ps -axl).

-default runlevel configuration were changed to accomodate the new
 Slackware inittab (xdm more has moved from runlevel 6 to 4).

-No longer need a special /sbin/init. Just place the line
 /sbin/askrunlevel at the end of /etc/rc.d/rc.S.
 It still work for with the modified /sbin/init (which was calling
 /sbin/askrunlevel directly). Even with this modified /sbin/init, you
 can safely place /sbin/askrunlevel at the end of rc.S.

-Start kerneld automaticly

-Load ethx devices as needed using modprobe

-Configure RARP and load the module as needed.

-Add more C++ to menu management. Some code has been moved from the
 old xconf_menu() to the DIALOG::editmenu() system.

-Some bug fix in DNS management.

 Support CNAME field.
 Propagate glue record for subdomain into domain definition.

-Creation of POP mail only user accounts.