Linuxconf's availability

Linuxconf is distributed in two formats: RPM and tar.gz. For Caldera, RedHat and SuSE systems, use the RPM version. For all others use the bin-elf.tar.gz version.

Please note that there is a single RPM for Caldera, RedHat and SuSE. The same binary installs on them. Note also that while this RPM install correctly on RedHat 5.0, a special RPM is also provided, glibc based.

At some point, there were one version (1.11) for RedHat 5.1 and 1.10 for all other distribution. THis is gone. Use the latest (1.13r4 currently) on all distribution.

Layout of the archive

The Linuxconf's archive contains various stuff related to the linuxconf's project. The devel sub-directory contain the source and binary distributions of linuxconf. In this sub-directory, you will find the following directories (alphabetical order):

Home site for sources and binaries (test releases)

Linuxconf is actively developed. Intermediate test releases are announced on the Linuxconf's mailing list. Those releases can be retrieved from the following place. When accessing those archive from a web browser, be sure to pick the latest. Old version are often kept as reference and the list goes behond the end of a page.

Primary site in Montréal (Québec,Canada)

or one US mirror site
or another US mirror site

ftp://Crusher.CentralVa.Net/pub/linuxconf or another US mirror site
or another US mirror site located in Shawnee, Oklahoma

a medium speed canadian site in Toronto

University of Costa Rica
Or using SMB, \\\publico\Unix\linux\linuxconf

a fast site in Finland

a mirror in Germany

a mirror in Sweden