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Error reported when probing the NFS services

Linuxconf is using the NFS service to probe the NFS configuration. It issues the following command:

    /etc/init.d/nfs probe

And it reports the action to perform the load the new configuration (if needed) in the running NFS server. Generally, this script reports nothing, but it may report strings like start, restart, or reload.

Unfortunately, RedHat have localized (translated) their init scripts. The programmer who did this job just walked over every string in the NFS script and changed them to gettext version. So reload became $"reload" for example.

This breaks the probing mechanism. "/etc/init.d/nfs probe" must report valid "action" usable on the nfs script itself. To solve the problem change the "probe)" section in the script and change the following strings

	$"start" -> start
	$"restart" -> restart
	$"reload" -> reload