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Linuxconf is not a GUI program by itself. It is not linked to any GUI library. You do not need X installed on a server to install and run Linuxconf. How does it works then ? Linuxconf was made from the start to support graphical remote administration. This means the GUI may run on a different machine than Linuxconf. So the GUI part is built into a front-end. Currently, there are 3 front-ends for Linuxconf, all implementing the same GUI protocol (described here.

  • linuxconf-gui: This is done using the wxxt toolkit.
  • gnome-linuxconf: Done using gtk/gnome.
  • java: done using java. Still incomplete though.

    When you fire linuxconf, it detects if it is running in a graphical environment (X is running). If so, it starts the GUI front-end. It starts the /bin/remadmin program. this is a shell script. This script will try to locate an available front-end. If one is found, the connection is made and Linuxconf performs like a normal GUI application. If none is found, Linuxconf runs in text mode.