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How to apply diff files

You can have the latest Linuxconf source either by downloading the tar-ball every time, or downloading the diff files. Here are some facts about diff files

Diff files are applied using the patch command. Here is the way to apply a diff file.

	cd linuxconf-1.17r8
	zcat /tmp/diff-1.17r8-1.17r9.gz | patch -p1

But patch alone does not do the trick completely. Patch do not deal with symbolic links, removed files and few other issues. So Linuxconf diff files are not alone. There is always a corresponding fcmd file. Fcmd files are applied using the fcmd-exec command, found in the linuxconf-tools package ( Here is how you must use the fcmd-exec command. You must use it after using patch.

	zcat /tmp/fcmd-1.17r8-1.18r9.gz | fcmd-exec -p1 -

Note that fcmd files are often empty. Using both commands will allow you to track Linuxconf source distribution without downloading 3 megs every week :-)