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Setting the home directories group by group

> When editing groups in Linuxconf, I'm unfamiliar with a "base directory".
> How is this used?
> Different directory    [X] for each members
> Home base directory
> Creation permissions   700

Normally, Linuxconf creates the HOME in /home (unless specified by the admin) which can be changed in "password and account policies". This is global and applies to all groups (by default). You can override the default location group by group by entering a path here (home base directory). For example, you may want to place all you home directory in /home except for few groups, such as popusers: You want them in /home/popusers.

In many cases, you want the user accounts to share the same home (they don't need a HOME since they can't write to it). The check box is there for this. In this case, it will use the home base directory definition as the home for new accounts, without appending the user id.