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Transparent proxy with squid

You must enable blocking rules. Then you need at least two rules. One used to intercept HTTP request and another to let the rest of the network traffic pass through. Enabling the blocking rules turn everything off by default.

Once done, you create the redirection rules like this

protocol: tcp

from: internal-network
Interface: Internal network interface

other ports: 80
interface: any

               [x] redirect to local port
redirection port: 3128

3128 is the default port in squid. You also need a rules that let everything goes. Well, you may not want that. You may want a rule that does some fire-walling, but just to make it work, you need at least something like that

protocol: all
from: internal network
netmask: internal network netmask
interface: internal network interface
interface: external network interface

Use the linuxconf module squid to edit /etc/squid/squid.conf. Turn on transparent proxying. The rest is fine. Use Linuxconf 1.17r2 to handle squid though. Older version did not support squid 2.x properly.