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Using passthrough to produce more complex dialogs

The user interface in Linuxconf is limited. The goal is to provide a uniform user interface so that dialogs looks the same everywhere.

The 3 user interfaces concept also limited the feature we can put in a dialog. It is possible to produce a dialog that will take advantage of the GUI. By putting conditional like

    if (dlalog_mode == DIALOG_GUI){
       GUI specific code
       html and text

one can produce sharp dialog (or different dialog) in GUI. To achieve this one must have some understanding of the GUI protocol used to talk with the GUI front-end and the layout strategy it is using. All this is described in the following document: http::// .

Here is a small example and the screenshot of the resulting dialog. Note the usage of the functions DIALOG::newline() and DIALOG::gui_passthrough().

    DIALOG dia;
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_Group,"g1 "%s"",MSG_U(F_CATEG,"Catégories"));
    for (int i=0; i<4; i++){
        glocal.comb = dia.newf_combo ("",it.categ[i]);
        if (i==0) dia.last_noempty();
        <call sql_query>("select distinct categ%d from todoitems"
             " where project = '%s'"
             " order by categ%d"
             <f onerow>
                 glocal.comb->addopt (row[0]);
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_End,"");
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_Groupfit,"g2 "%s"",MSG_U(F_SPECS,"Spécifications"));
    dia.newf_str (MSG_U(F_START,"Démarre"),it.start);
    dia.newf_str (MSG_U(F_DONE,"Terminé"),it.done);
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_End,"");
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_Form,"f1");
    dia.newf_str (MSG_U(F_TITLE,"Titre"),it.title,70);
    dia.newf_textarea (MSG_U(F_DESCRIP,"Description"),it.descrip,70,15);
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_End,"");
    dia.gui_passthrough (P_Dispolast,"l 2 t 1");
    dia.setbutinfo (MENU_USR1,MSG_U(B_SPELL,"Épellation"),MSG_R(B_SPELL));

Here is the screen shot.