vserver 0.9 changes log

vserver 0.9 changes log

previous versions: 0.7
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/usr/sbin/newvserver: new

/usr/sbin/newvserver is an admin tool to help create new vserver. It allows you to enter pretty everything you need to specify a virtual private server. It supports unification. You pick the reference vserver and it does the job. It creates the vserver configuration file and update the vserver /etc/hosts accordingly.

This utility works both in graphical and text mode. You must install the packages linuxconf-lib and linuxconf-util from http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/linuxconf/download.hc .

I have separated the vserver package in two: vserver and vserver-admin. newvserver is part of the later.

/usr/sbin/vrpm: new

vrpm is a little wrapper for the rpm command. It lets you apply an RPM command on several vservers. For example, you can do

	/usr/sbin/vrpm ALL -- -Uvh /tmp/*.rpm
	/usr/sbin/vrpm server1 server2 -- -Uvh this-rpm.rpm

It takes care of the --root command line option.

/usr/sbin/vserver: new features

Various little things were added to this command:

kernel 2.4.17 ctx-5

I have tested the vserver patch on 2.4.17. I have also found a bug in the ext3 fs for the new immutable-linkage. Unification was not working on an ext3 file system. Now all seems fine.

vbuild: one file system

The /usr/lib/vserver/vbuild utility has been enhanced to stay in one file system only. It is possible to build a vserver from another which has mount point (/proc generally) active.