vserver 0.5 changes log

vserver 0.5 changes log

previous versions: 0.4
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The new vserver package relies on new ability found in the kernel patch ftp://ftp.solucorp.qc.ca/pub/vserver/diffctx-2.4.11-3 . This patch works with 2.4.12 as well. I have not released pre-compiled kernel for now.


chcontext and reducecap command line option

The two utilities support the new --flag command line option. This is used to set some flags in the security context. For new the two flags are:

All those flags are one-shot. You can set them, you can't unset them.

vserver command: S_FLAGS support<

The vserver command supports the new --flag command line option of the chcontext utility. You encode the flags (lock and sched) in the vserver configuration (/etc/vservers/confname.conf) like this

	S_FLAGS="lock sched"

By default, all new vserver are created with S_FLAGS="lock".