vserver 0.3 changes log

vserver 0.3 changes log

previous versions: 0.2
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/usr/sbin/vserver enhancements

The vserver utility is doing the /proc and /dev/pts mount when a vserver is started. It was calling the mount command with relative path and this was confusing /etc/mtab somewhat. It is now using absolute paths.

vserver is also a little more verbose when starting and stopping a vserver. This makes the /var/log/boot.log file a little more explicit.

Missing LICENSE file

The vserver is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL). The package was missing the LICENSE file stating that.

Missing readlink utility

The vserverkillall (used by vserver VSERVER stop) was relying on the readlink utility, which is not always available (delivered with tetex). The vserver package now includes its own readlink utility in /usr/lib/vserver.

Bug fixes

New kernel 2.4.10ctx-2

A fix was done in the kernel to prevent changes in /proc from a virtual server administrator. The /proc file system was not properly protected by a capability. It is now. You can find the kernel patch patch-2.4.10ctx-2 as well as two pre-compiled kernel binaries for UP and SMP machines (kernel-2.4.10ctx-2.tar.gz)

rebootmgr ineffective when start at boot time

The rebootmgr service was not working at all. When notified to reboot or halt a virtual server, it was completely failing because its standard output and standard error channel was pointing to closed pipes. Now it redirect the /usr/sbin/vserver command to /var/log/boot.log (append).

rebootmgr service not restarted by Linuxconf

When you add a new virtual server, you must restart the rebootmgr service so it properly setup its /dev/reboot socket in that vserver.

The sysv init script was missing the tags used by Linuxconf so it knows when rebootmgr must be restarted.