vserver 0.26 changes log

vserver 0.26 changes log

previous versions: 0.23
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if this script exists, it will be executed after you create a new vserver with the newvserver command. The script receives a single argument: The path of the vserver (/vserver/vserver-name).

/usr/lib/vserver/distrib-info: new

All the utility originally using RPM to probe one vserver package database are now using the script /usr/lib/vserver/distrib-info. This is a front-end to potentially all packaging system. Currently, only RPM is supported but DEB and other packaging facility could be added, making all application like vunify, vbuild, newvserver and friend, more general.

Debian user have complained for some time. Now your chance. Patch for distrib-info welcome.

A man page has been written to explain what it does.

chbind: --ip ip/mask

The chbind utility has been modified to accept a netmask along with the IP when using the --ip option. You simply specify IP/netmask.

chcontext: CAP_QUOTACTL support

The kernel vs1.00 support a new capability allowing someone to handle the disk quota. Prior to this kernel, one needed CAP_SYS_ADMIN to handle quota. The vserver package (and chcontext) do understand this capability.


A man page was written

vserver-copy: new

The vserver-copy script let you copy a vserver from one machine to another. A man page has been written to explain how it works. It generally uses rsync over ssh to operate.

vserver-stat: show vserver description

It shows the vserver description at the end of each lines.

vservers sysv script

The script now support the PRIORITY variable in the vserver configuration files to control vservers start and stop order. Lower priority value are started first and stopped last.


chrootsafe: optional

The chrootsafe syscall did not make it so the utility uses it if it is there and use the normal chroot if not. They do not complain as before if chrootsafe is missing.