vserver 0.20 changes log

vserver 0.20 changes log

previous versions: 0.19
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More documentation in the package

The package now contains the full change-log, the documentation found on the net and the FAQ. All formatted in text.

vrpm --unify option

The vrpm command has been enhanced to apply vunify to the packages it is updating immediately. You simply do

	vrpm --unify serv1 serv2 -- -Uvh some packages ...

vserver using $@ instead of $*

When using vserver xxx exec, the argument are passed using $@ instead of $*, preserving their topology (preserving argument with spaces). The save_s_context script was fixed as well.

Bug fixes

rebootmgr sysv script broken

In 0.18, the system V init script for the reboot manager service was not working. The service was not starting. As such, vservers were unable to request a reboot.

vserver-stat displays in Bytes instead of bits...

vserver-stat was displaying various quantities using Kb, Mb, Gb instead of KB, MB, and GB. vserver-stat can also display TB, but I could not tested it :-)