vserver 0.12 changes log

vserver 0.12 changes log

previous versions: 0.11
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kernel 2.4.18ctx-8

Nothing new vserver wise. The patch-2.4.17ctx-8 was adapted to the new kernel 2.4.18. There were minor adjustment needed in kernel/exit.c and kernel/fork.c. No new features.

2.4.18 introduces new system calls (reserved at least), so we had to move our own at the end. If you have vserver-0.12, it does not matter, as it adapts to the kernel on the fly. You can use the same binary to run a 2.4.17ctx-any kernel or the new 2.4.18ctx-8.

Bug fixes

dynamic system call

There was a bug. It was not working for the new_s_context. To move to the new 2.4.18ctx-8 kernel, you need vserver-0.12.

vserver-stat was changed to use the new dynamic system call feature