vserver 0.11 changes log

vserver 0.11 changes log

previous versions: 0.10
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/usr/sbin/vkill: new<

This is a simple script. You do

	/usr/sbin/vkill PID

and it will locate the vserver owning that process, enter its security context and issue the kill.


Various enhancements:

Dynamic system call number

The 2 system calls used by the vserver project are not yet reserved in the kernel. To help people using the vserver patch with other patches, having conflicting system call number, the ctx-8 publish in /proc/self/status the system call numbers. The various utilities (chbind, reducecap and chcontext) are using this information on the fly. So you can move the system call around and the utilities keep working without recompile.

kernel ctx-8

Here is a small change log:

Man pages for most utilities

Thanks to klavs klavsen <kl@vsen.dk>, we have now a man page for all utilities. Now, we need a man page for the 2 system calls.