virtualfs 1.9 changes log

virtualfs 1.9 changes log

previous versions: 1.8
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This is the second public release of virtualfs. This mostly includes bugs fixes and performance tuning. And more documentation.



I have written small man pages for many utilities and file format. The following pages are now available

litefs performance

Litefs performance has been enhance. This particularly affect operation over slow link/high latency. Further tuning is possible in litefs-proxy to enhance the streaming of the protocol.


The command litefs-shh has been create to help setting litefs connections over ssh links. With that, ssh will nicely popup an X window program to request the password. This means that litefs links may be established by scripts.

litefs: shutdown protocol

You can turn off a litefs link by using litefs-shutdown command. It sends a LITE_SHUTDOWN command to all litefs back-end. This command is used by the "virtualfs umountall" command.

virtualfs umountall option

The virtualfs package provide auto-mounting of various resources. While the floppies and cdroms are mount/umount on the fly, other resources (novell mounts, smb/windows mounts) stay mounted until you umount them. litefs connection also stay on. By issuing

virtualfs umountall

you are closing all litefs connections and umounting all novell and smb shares. They will auto-mount again if accessed.