virtualfs 1.39 changes log

virtualfs 1.39 changes log

previous versions: 1.38
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remaudio flaws

The remaudio component was not handling non-blocking access to audio devices (/dev/audio, /dev/dsp, ...). When writing to a device with a buffer full condition, the EAGAIN error code was not properly reported to the application, so it was skipping way fast to the end of the tune. Applications such as xine, xmms and mpg123 were affected by this flaw.

We had to change the protocol a bit, so the protocol revision number was raised from 3 to 4. This means that both side must be updated if you move to virtualfs 1.39 (xterminal and server side). This only applies to the remote sound capability. Other virtualfs components are not affected by the protocol change.

Note that X terminals have no problem playing video over the network (this has been tested with xine). Way cool.

Bug fixes

Browsing SMB workgroups and servers

The n/browse pseudo volume was buggy. The smbmount utility has changed usage (its command line syntax) over time and the virtualfs component was improperly parsing the smbmount version. As such, it was using the wrong syntax, so could not perform the mount.