virtualfs 1.38 changes log

virtualfs 1.38 changes log

previous versions: 1.35
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adminfs utility

The adminfs utility is used to configure the n/adminfs file system. You can add new configuration, trigger a connection, end it.

You can export all the connection definition to a KDE menu on your desktop.

adminfs: new litefs solution

adminfs shows up as n/adminfs. Each sub-directory corresponds to a host you administer. This directory is populated using either the adminfs GUI front-end (new in this release) or on demand.

The on-demand mode works like this. You try to access a new host in n/adminfs (well, not a host, but a name). Say you do:

	ls n/adminfs/foo

Since foo does not exist, a pop-up shows up asking the specification of the adminfs connection (host, accounts, directory,vserver). Once filled the connection is established using litefs-ssh. A pop-up shows up to request the ssh password.

RedHat 8 and 9

glibc is now available for redhat 8 and 9. They are available at

Bug fixes

large files

The open64 system call was implemented using the open system call. It was not possible to manage large files using virtualfs. Note that not all virtualfs plug-gins support open64, but virtualfs now do not interfere with open64 outside of its scope.