virtualfs 1.30 changes log

virtualfs 1.30 changes log

previous versions: 1.29
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Enhanced browsing ability

You could already browse an SMB network (windows, samba) in $HOME/n/browse. Unfortunately, you were requested to enter a password only when you were connecting to a share, not when you were trying to view the available shares.

Now a popup allows you to enter a user and password pair. Later this pair will be reused (if you saved to disk) to connect to the share. If the connection fails, you will be able to enter another user/password share. This mean you can connect to a NT/Samba server using different identity for each shares and for browsing the available shares.

virtualfs-xsmb supports various samba

This utility probes the version of smbmount and adapt. Currently, it supports the command line syntax of 2.03, 2.05 and 2.06.