virtualfs 1.24 changes log

virtualfs 1.24 changes log

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AclFS: module directive

The module directive in ..acl is now operational. I have written to potentially useful modules. A module directive goes inside a context block. You can have as many module directive as you want.

	context xx{
		grant { ... }
		rights ...;
		module module_name args ...;

The argument are separated by spaces. The module_name correspond to a file in /usr/lib/aclfsd/modules/ (the path and the .so extension are added).

Argument are generally named. So they are not position dependent and optional argument are possible. Note that this is not a rule, but a suggestion. Both module implemented so far conform to that.

A module may have two effects: It can invalidate the context and/or it can add or remove some privileges granted by the context. Invalidating a context happens when a user (a request) is not part of the "grant" list.

So far, two modules where created:

This complete the feature set of AclFS for now. More real world experience will be needed to polish its features. Comments are welcome.