virtualfs 1.23 changes log

virtualfs 1.23 changes log

previous versions: 1.22
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Mounting SMB shares (samba, windows)

The virtualfs-xsmb was redone using the Linuxconf UI toolkit. It pops a dialog where you can enter the user id you wish to use to connect and the password.

A check-box allows you so save the user/password pair in .virtualfs/share.conf. Those will be silently reused for future connection. Note that share.conf is not encrypted at all. I am working on a solution that will use gnu privacy gard to encrypt the file.

Anyway, this enhancement make browsing much more complete.

You need linuxconf-lib to install this new virtualfs though. Version 1.17r3 or better.

remaudio: bug fixes and midi support

The remaudio component was enhanced. Some ioctl were not supported and MIDI devices were completely ignored. With this new releases, MP3 player should work fine (mpg123 operate seamlessly).

Note that the protocol was changed a bit. You must update virtualfs and virtualfs-server on both ends to get proper sounds.

There is still some missing ioctl's and gmix for one is not working. I will fix that soon.