virtualfs 1.17 changes log

virtualfs 1.17 changes log

previous versions: 1.16
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AclFS is now ready for serious testing


AclFS: create-file-mode and mkdir-mode

This is one of the last key feature needed to really use AclFS. With it you can control the Unix permission and ownership assigned to new files and directories. In previous version, they were simply assigned to root. Both command use the same syntax:

create-file-mode user,group,permission-bits
mkdir-mode user,group,permission-bit

Any of the 3 supplied value may be replaced by a dash (-). In this case the value is taken from the call made by the client program. the default creation mode is -,-,-.

Those commands may be placed at 3 places in an ..acl file. They may be outside of any "file" directive. They represent the global default. They may be defined inside a file directive, but outside a context directive. They represent the default for a given file pattern. They may also be defined within a context directive, overriding any default.

AclFS: file pattern

Now you can put file pattern in ..acl using the familiar shell simple regular expression syntax (see "man 7 glob")..