virtualfs 1.16 changes log

virtualfs 1.16 changes log

previous versions: 1.12
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AclFS: aclfsd --reloadconf

A new command line option was added. --reloadconf tells aclfsd to reread its configuration (/etc/aclfsd.conf).

aclfs: new config file /etc/aclfs.conf

/etc/aclfs.conf is a default set of mapping for every user. Previously every user wanting to participate (access AclFS volumes) had to set his own .aclfs file. Now his configuration is the union of /etc/aclfs.conf and .aclfs. Both file have the same syntax.

AclFS: new privileges

The list has grown to 21 privileges. Notably there are chown and chmod privileges which were changed:

The new privileges gives tremendous power to users. Because of that the macro "MOST" was added. This grant most useful privilege for normal file access/edition/addition, but not too much. The macro "ALL" provides all privileges and should be used with care. Only truly trusted users should have this privilege.

AclFS: sysv init script provided

The package virtualfs-aclfs now provides a system V init script suitable for redhat 5.2 and 6.0.

LiteFS: Too many changes

A major rework of the LiteFS protocol was done. This will allows various future optimization such as write behind and read ahead. But the major feature is the "remote execution" concept. If you execute a file on a LiteFS volume, it is executed on the remote server transparently. Check it out!!!


aclfs: /var/run/aclfs.s moved

The unix domain socket to reach the aclfsd server was moved from /var/run/aclfs.s to /.aclfs.s. This was done to ease usage of AclFS on chroot environment. By doing various hard links pointing to /.aclfs.s in the root of each chroot environment, one can access AclFS volumes from there. No need to create /var/run directories everywhere.

Bug fixes

utime support

The utime syscall (changing the date of a file) was not supported properly. You need to install the latest glibc version to use that.