virtualfs 1.12 changes log

virtualfs 1.12 changes log

previous versions: 1.11
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This is a bug fix release, with more documentation,


AclFS: Some documentation

There is some documentation now in the document which explain how to use AclFS. More documentation is needed to explain further the syntax of the ..acl files, although one can easily guess from the supplied examples.

persmount: New helper scripts for SMB and NCP

Two new utilities were created: virtualfs_xsmb and virtualfs_xncp. They are wrappers to simplify mounting SMB (Nt,Samba) and NCP (Novell) share with a popup (to enter the password). The documentation was modified to present those utilities instead of the explicit calls to ncpmount and smbmount.

Both utilities work the same

virtualfs-xsmb --server server --share share [ --account account ] 
     --mountdir mount_point

virtualfs command: New option

The virtualfs script was enhanced. There are two new options/command:


persmount: new layout

The .persmount file have been modified. They use to have the following layout:

volume   mount command ....

This was not that practical. The persmount driver was assuming that the real mount point was HOME/.n/volume all the time. The layout has been modified to accept the mount point as the second parameter.

    volume mount_point command ...

The command is now optional. This can be use to create simple redirection. This has some advantage over a symbolic link. This allows you to set your working directory in a resource logically, yet the resource may be unmounted anytime. I am using this facility in combination with the kernel auto-mounter. I have .persmount line like this

    machine   /n/machine

So I can do the following sequence

    cd n/machine/sub-dir
    # wait a while
    # and /n/machine is umounted by the kernel auto-mounter
    # it is mounted again

There are other usages I guess :-)

Bug fixes

AclFS: ..acl inheritance

..acl files were not properly inherited by sub-directories.