updpass 1.6 changes log

updpass 1.6 changes log

previous versions: 1.4
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Sample /etc/update-pass.sh

The sample script is now include in the RPM with a README. The script is not installed by default in /etc. It is place in /usr/doc like any other package documentation. The script now produce a log /var/lib/update-pass.log.

Support for vdomain

The script /etc/update-pass.sh now receives a fourth argument. This is the domain. It is either / for the main domain or the name of a virtual email domain.

Bug fixes

Module locking the GUI mode

The module was using the function system() to execute the script. This function is incompatible with the signal handling in Linuxconf. it is now using the POPEN object to control the script. The POPEN object also support a timeout, so if the script goes wild, Linuxconf will retake control.