tlmpwork 0.6 changes log

tlmpwork 0.6 changes log

previous versions: 0.5
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the composition window did not insert text file properly.

quick filter: A quickfilter button was added. This pops a single line dialog. This programs a partial match on the from, to, cc and subject fields. A folder sub-view is created using this filter. The filter is applied to the current folder view.

shift-left-click on a message creates a folder sub-view showing all message partially matching the current message title (ignoring the re: prefix). Quick way to see all related message in a mailing list.


The archiving directory is now ~/.tlphoto and it is a configurable preference.

An index button was added. It produces an index.html file in one photo directory usable by file manager such as konqueror. Since tlphoto keeps both full size and thumbnail around, the index.html file let you preview a directory much faster.