mailsql 0.5 changes log

mailsql 0.5 changes log

previous versions: 0.4
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vimap_sql: work in progress

There is now a vimap_sql added. It is not completed yet. It is started as a service, not on demand like vpop3d_sql (or other imap server). the service name is vimap_sql. At some point, it will be multi-client/multi-threaded, explaining this design.

To better support IMAP, the SQL database schema was changed, so if you have working setup, it will have to be re-install. I did not write any conversion utility as I don't think anyone has this in production yet. If this is not the case, let me know. The change involves the folder field in the messages table. It has been changed to folderid as a int and another table, folders have been created to provide the ids.

This change involves also the account creation process. A folder named inbox must be created for every account in the folders table.

vpop3d_sql: 2 greating

When connecting to the vpop3d_sql server, we were getting two greatings in some cases. A missing break statement.