mailsql 0.4 changes log

mailsql 0.4 changes log

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Change in the database

The database was using blob to store messages and long one were truncated. The script was changed to create the database properly.

folder2sql utility: new

This utility is a migration tool. It reads a normal email folder and import it on the SQL database. It works like this

folder2sql --domain domain --user user folder

It is installed in /usr/lib/linuxconf/lib

vdeliver_sql and large message

Larger message (megabytes) are now supported. There is still a limit imposed by the mysql client library.

vpop3d_sql and IP less

vpop3d_sql now works like vpop3d and vimap. It accepts a user account id like user@some_domain and identifies the SQL vdomain using this information. So you can have all you SQL mail domains on a single IP.