mailsql 0.13 changes log

mailsql 0.13 changes log

previous versions: 0.9
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folder2sql: enhancements

The folder2sql utility let you import an email folder in flat file format into MySQL. You can specify the domain, the user and the target folder (by default inbox).

Maximum message size

Using MySQL 3, the maximum message size is roughly 16 megs. With MySQL 4, there is no limit. In both case, you must configure your server so it accepts large query (set the max_allowed_packet in /etc/my.cnf).

mailsql can handle any message size, but you must configure it on a per domain basis.

Module command line

The module has the --deldomain command line. This deletes a domain and all user accounts and folders from the SQL database.

User account management

The administrative part is now fairly complete. You can create SQL email accounts and for each enter the following information:

user2sql utility: new

The user2sql import user account into SQL from unix password files. It work for virtual email domains as well. Everything is imported including the password.


expiration date

The database schema was modified to include creation and expiration date. The expiration date is specified at the domain level and on a per user basis. User without an expiration date inherit the domain date.

Existing database will need to be changed.