linuxconf all changes logs

linuxconf all changes logs

Change log index

Version 1.16r3

Bug fixes

wuftpd: signal if anonymous dir missing

When setting a virtual host for wu-ftpd, Linuxconf is copying the basic setup from the main anonymous ftp directory. If this directory is missing, it now complains that it can't proceed. Prior to 1.16r3, it was simply failing silently.

Version 1.17r8


Module wuftpd: Reworked interface

The graphical interface was reworked in a notebook.

A check-box was added to control anonymous access.

Version 1.19


Module wuftpd: various timeout added

The basic configuration dialog lets you specify various timeouts.

Version 1.26r2


Module wuftpd: help files and logs

Some help screens were written and you can now view the various transfer logs (even in real time). You can also view a report done by the xferstats utility.

Version 1.27r5


Module wuftpd

GUI column sorting was applied to the various transfer logs browsers.